FlashBox® Photobooth Rental at Bar/Bat Mitvahs

Our 'Bar/Bat Mitzvah photobooth package' includes the following, 


a) Unique graphics on your prints - Here are some examples from events . . . .

photo booth at a bat mitzvah

photobooth print from Xander's Bar Mitzvah

b) Guests get a choice of b/w or colour photos.

c) 2 prints from the printer for each 'session' (each time 'Go' is hit).

d) Great sized message book (see below).

e) Prop box - see the size of the selection below in the bottom photos.

f) Quality 'jewelled' USB with all prints/images from your wedding.

g) On-line protected Gallery of all the prints/images from your event. All your guests can see all the fun had in the booth - If your Great Auntie wants a 6x4 image of you/her in the booth, she can order it for £2.50 delivered, or even order a key-ring for £3.

Options :

The most popular options for bar/bat mitzvah parties are KEY-RINGS or FRIDGE-MAGNETS.

For key-rings: Guests get a choice of 'print' or 'keyring' on the front touchscreen - then 3 photos are taken as usual. If they have selected keyrings then the printer produces a 'double strip' (like an old style photobooth), we cut it in half, use 1 half to make the individual keyrings and the other half goes in the message book - if guests choose 'prints' then they get a full 4x6in print as above. When the key-rings have run-out we revert to '2 normal print' running.

For fridge-magnets: The photos used in the magnets are the same size as on the prints, so we still run on 2-prints - and once the guest's print appears just ask them if they want to keep the print 'as is' or have a fridge-magnet. Obviously, if 3 guests are in the booth at the same time then they can all have a fridge-magnet when they come out. When the magnet supply is exhausted, the guests just get a normal print.

We give 'personalised' backings for the keyrings to really 'personalise' the event and give your guests a great quality gift. For the magnets we add a small insert in the back giving the pass-code for the website gallery.

Greenscreen: This is also extremely popular at bar/bat mitzvah - click here for more details.

The Benefits of having a Photo Booth at a bar/bat mitzvah :-

a) Memorable entertainment for your guests - they have FUN!

b) The guests get to keep a studio quality photo as a memento of your special day.

c) You have provided entertainment in which every one young or old, can participate.

d) Guests take their own photos in the comfort of the Booth at their own pace - no direction - they can be themselves!

e) You get a 'Memory Book' of all the photos with comments (if requested) by your guests.

wedding message book

f) You get a USB Memory Stick of all the photos, so you can print, get printed any extra copies needed from your own source.

g) Password protected on-line Gallery of all the photos. If wanted your guests can buy extra copies of the Photo Booth strips or larger copies of the individual photos.

h) All photos can be put onto our Facebook Wall for tagging.

i) The photos can have a graphic layout that is unique for your event - adding to the 'WOW' factor.

j) Our unique Photo Booth offers the ability for the host to have their own photos graphics on the outside of the Booth - adding to the 'Wow' Factor even more!

k) Other options of Photo Booth Hire include external slide shows of the photos as they are taken, personal graphics on the touchscreen, different coloured backdrops and even GreenScreen technology for the background. All these add to the 'WOW' factor as well.

l) You will have provided a feature at the bar/bat mitzvah, that at the moment. not everyone will have seen in the UK. Your guests will talk about the Photo Booth for many months to come!


We are always stressing the 'entertainment' of the Booth at a bar/bat mitzvah, both for the young and old . . . . . . . CALL FOR A QUOTE TODAY!

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celebrity photos from a photobooth

Photos from the FlashBoxUK Photo Booth