images from a photo booth

Video Messaging :-  All our Photobooths utilise the latest DSLR technology from Canon, these allow Video Messages to be left for the hosts as well as Photos to be taken by the guests at events.  This is becoming a popular addition to the Photo Booth hire experience.

Our photobooth also acts as a videobooth.

How does it work ?

When your guests enter the Booth, they see the following touchscreen - UPDATE Jan2012 - They now also have the option of black and white photos :-

photobooth touchscreen

If they want to leave a Video Message they press the 'Go' button - the following sequence occurs :-

a) Countdown. The same as if about to take a Photo; 5,4,3,2, . . .  .

b) A button appears on the screen 'Now Recording. Press here to stop the Video'

c) After 30 seconds of recording (or before, if the 'Stop' button was hit) a message comes up 'Processing the Video'.

NEW :- Now there are 2 Options :- the booth returns to the 'Ready' screen or :-

d) The Video is then played back to your guests (we have a a studio quality speaker fitted in the booth).

e) During playback there are 2 options on the screen; 'It's Great - SAVE' and  'It's horrid - DELETE'.  Once one of these has been touched the 'Ready' screen reappears.  Guests can then have their photos taken and get a photo print memento like normal.

All the Video Messages that are saved are downloaded onto your USB at the end of the event.

The beauty of having the Video Option as an attachment to your PhotoBooth Hire is that you get some great messages :-

Also, you can leave a message for your guests - that we will then post onto our Facebook Page :-

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images from a photobooth