Green Screen Photo Booth Images

Greenscreen gives the ability for there to be any background to the image produced by the photo booth during the hire. Thus instead of seeing the usual photobooth curtain, any image can be utilised.  This is the same technology as used in many films.

On setup of the Photo booth at the hire venue we have to reposition the camera (to give more prominence to the background) and use a slightly wider angle lens, We also sometimes have to alter the image given (for instance on the image below we had to shift the text higher), but the overall results are amazing.

images from a photobooth hire

Even when the PhotoBooth is packed during the rental the Greenscreen image is visible

images from a photobooth hire

images from a photo booth rental

Everyone loves their images and they look great on the photo print, which still emerges only 16 seconds after the last flash.

images from a photobooth hire

Here is what is behind the people when they enter the booth :-

images from a photobooth hire

Do the guests think it strange sitting in front of a Greenscreen, no, not at all. When they look at the screen in front of them the 'liveview' on the touchscreen already has the image behind them - and between each photo the 'preview' screen showed the image with the background in place.

We expect many more events to incorporate this technology in the future. So, if you are planning a themed party and want to hire a photo booth to provide entertainment and memorable mementos for your guests, you know where to come !   FlashBox┬« Photo Booth Rental.

greenscreen at a bat mitzvah

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green screen photo booth images