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Photobooth hire FAQ :-

Are you available for our event? How much? How do I reserve your Photo Booth?

Phone us or email to ask about availability. After discussion of your events needs and after deciding which options you require we will give you a quote. If you then want to book, a £150 deposit will secure that booth for that event. We take payment by debit/credit cards or by cash/direct bank payment.

Do you cover our area for photo booth hire?

FlashBoxUK Photobooth hire are happy to quote for anywhere in the UK and Northern Europe, just ask!  We have quoted for these counties in the last 6 months; London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Kent, Surrey, Middlesex, Essex, Northamptonshire, Berkshire, Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Cheshire, Leicestershire, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Shropshire, Worcestershire, Nottinghamshire, Sussex.

Can we come and inspect the FlashBox® Photo Booth?
We strongly recommend that as an event organisor you should go and see any Photo Booth you are thinking of booking for your guests. We will give you full access to see our Photo Booth, with no obligation.

How long should I rent your Photo Booth for?
The standard rental period is 3 hours. Working at nearly full speed you can get 50 sessions per hour, so that’s 150 sessions, as most people go into the Photo Booth in 2s and 3s then that time is adequate for events up to 150 guests (some/many guests will want more than one go!). For larger events we suggest having more prints/sitting or perhaps a longer rental period or for very large events, more than one Photo Booth.

When is full payment expected?
The balance of the remaining payment is required 14 days before your event. You’ll have no problems in remembering, as at that stage we will have contacted you regard your photo layouts, Photo Booth exterior, Green Screen etc.

Is a Photo Booth allowed at our event venue?
Most venues are now familiar with the concept of a Photo Booth attending their events. However, it is usual for the party host to let them know.
Our Photo Booths and staff come with full Personal and Employee Liability Insurance (NOW WITH £10m) and all our booths are PAT tested (some venues will require us to show these certificates).

What will the event venue need to provide?
The Photo Booth needs a flat floor space of 8ft by 5ft (2.5m by 1.5m) and it is 6ft 2ins tall (2m); it needs access to a single 240v plug. We also ask for a 6ft table if props and albums are a part of the package requested.

Where will the Photo Booth be situated at our event?

This depends entirely on the venue and the event. At a typical party event, the Photo Booth is best situated towards the bar area and slightly away from the noise of the disco/dance/band area.  When we arrive we will attempt to discuss the position with the event host/organisor or venue organisor, if this is not possible our Staff will make their own decision. If we have attended the venue previously then this conversation will occur at your initial call.

Our event is on the 1st Floor, is that OK?
Yes. The Photo Booth breaks down for transportation, so can easily fit into lifts or be carried upstairs. It can also be used outside when there is no risk of rain or if adequate cover is provided (for instance in an event marquee).

How many people can fit in the booth at one time?
The Photo Booth has a bench seat designed for 3, but is still great for singles. When people squeeze in, the limit is probably 6 or 7ish - but we have had photos with 8 people regularly and our record is 11 people - see our blogs for details.
For the technical amongst you, we use a small aperture on the DLSR (usually 10f) which gives a good depth of field – the result is that people at the front and back of the photo are all in focus.

How many photos can we take at our event?
As many as you want. When we say 'unlimited prints' we mean that - just keep pressing that 'Go' button as often as you want!

Does the rental period include your time constructing the Booth?
NO.  Our Photo Booth will be constructed in plenty of time ahead of the agreed start time and will stay open for the period contracted. If you want us to construct the Photo Booth more than an hour before your allocated start time, then ‘idle time’ will be charged, this will be included in your initial quote.

What happens if your Photo Booth is faulty?
We have spare key parts (camera, printer etc) and will do immediate repairs. The time of rental will be extended to make up for the inconvenience.  Don’t worry though we only use 100% top quality photo and processing equipment that are industry renowned for reliability. Occasionally we will need to change inks/paper, this takes less than 5 minutes, but will also be added to you finish time.

Will an attendant be provided?
There will always be at least one Booth Attendant for your event. For many events we will use two attendants. All our staff are fully trained in the use of the equipment and have great social skills and event experience.

How does the Photo Booth Attendant motify people to use it?
Believe us, this isn’t usually necessary! The Photo Booth tends to get very well used and be the centre of attention! Our Booth Attendant, will always ensure that everyone knows it is available, and if you have requested a photo memory album they will use this to coerce those of a shy nature.

Do I get to keep anything from the event?
As the host it is your choice. Most hosts choose to get a memory book of all the photos taken, a USB Memory stick of the photos and the photos on a password protected gallery. Photos can be put on Facebook (if requested), if the outside panels of the Booth were personalised then the host keeps these posters as well.
All your guests will get to keep a studio quality photo print to remind them of your event with your choice of layout and logos (if you have chosen that option)..
Everyone gets to keep memories of the enjoyment/fun of using the Booth.

When do I have have to make my mind up about the choices?
Many clients decide after the initial discussion and before payment of the deposit what choices they require. Some only finally decide before final payment. We don’t push you, just give you the choices! If you are changing the standard touchscreen layout or photo layout or are personalising the outside of the Photo Booth, we will send you art-worked suggestions 2 to 3 weeks before the event.

What is Green Screen Technology?
Using this photo technique we are able to have a green background in the Photo Booth and then replace this using technology with any image of your choice. When your guests enter the booth, they see themselves on the touchscreen with the new image behind them, so can pose accordingly!  Click HERE for more information.

Can our guests see the Video left if we have taken the 'Video Messaging' Option?
Your guests enter the booth and the touchscreen gives them 2 options; 'press here for photos' and 'press here to leave a video message' - If they select the Video message thay can record for up to 30 seconds (they can see themselves on the screen), there is then a possibility that the Video is then played back to them and they can 'save it' or 'delete' it (most 'video option' rentals are now not having this function, but just going straight back to the 'Ready' screen after the video capture - At the end of the event You get all the video messages on a USB. If your guests want to view their video again, then we can upload it onto Facebook for them (after checking their profile pictures, to make sure it is them!). Click HERE for more information.

Is personalising the outside of the Photo Booth expensive?
It need not be. Due to the unique design of the FlashBox® Photo Booth, all 4 of the exterior panels can be modified, if you only change one panel (and the Photo Booth is positioned accordingly) then this can be  achieved at modest cost of 100 pounds.  You can also provide your own artwork (or even a 'photo montage') and we will put it into the skin of our booth for free - no other photo booth hire company can offer this feature.

We are only having a small event, can we still have a FlashBox® Photo Booth?
In our ‘price plans’ tab you will see our package details. We have previously done parties for a small group of less than 20-people and the booth still got used all night.

If asked we will place photos on our FaceBook wall for tagging. After the event all your guests can see their photos on a password protected gallery, they can then ask for the photos on Facebook by giving us the photo number. This we believe is the most secure method.

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